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Hanna McDonnell

Corporate level marketing

Corporate-level marketing does not need to be reserved for large companies with huge in-house marketing departments.

Working with an outsourced marketing professional is like having the expertise of a consultant with the direction of a mentor all in one, and at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

What does marketing mean in your organisation?

Marketing today means keeping up with changing marketing strategies and looking at the tools that will help your business get to the next level - achieving sales goals and delivering on your company’s business plan.


The importance of marketing is one thing and applying and managing it correctly is another thing altogether!

Sharing your vision

As your Outsourced Marketing Manager, it’s my job to understand your business, your goals and the vision that you want to achieve.

How can marketing strategy help you?

Everything starts with people because people buy from people. So with me, we will take a look at who your customers are and build your marketing based on that. We will build a roadmap for you that drives your marketing with your ideal customer at the centre of it. Why – because you wouldn’t build a house without the architects’ drawings.


My strategy process


I want to hear your story; What drives you and why you love what you do. And then I want to work with you so we can let the whole world know your story.


I will map out your customer, what drives them and their journey. And then help them find you and your story.


We can take a look at designing images and things, but I am talking about the journey. How do we build that digital billboard for you, that sign that says we are open and we are what you are looking for.


I am your helping hand, reaching out into the marketplace and ensuring the plan we build together gets implemented, measured, and is efficient and consistently reviewed so you get the results you are looking for. It won’t be a sprint – it will be a marathon. Because good things come when you plan and build it, nurture it and let it grow.

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I have had the great honour to work with some amazing companies

Here are some examples

Tailored marketing strategies are the only way to achieve specific goals

Starter package

This is the start of the journey, where we map out exactly where you are and what your channels are like. And do a small plan for you to follow.

Full marketing service

Your part-time experienced marketing manager, giving you the full marketing manager experience included in previous packages and delivering growth for your start-up


Sometimes all you need is someone neutral to bounce ideas off – which is why I offer my time to you on an hourly basis, to see if your idea has wings.


Marketing and business advice

A small selection of great pieces of content that can help your business grow and achieve the goals you're looking for.

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